Acharya Upendra Ji

Founder, Leader and Spiritual Master

Acharya Upendra Ji

A Truly Enlightened Revolutionary Leader Striving To Change the Destiny of Our Country, Bharat

With the vision to restore the glory of our Bharat as a healthy, wealthy and spiritual leader of the world, Acharya Upendra Ji established Antar Yog Foundation and has been striving selflessly for more than 15 years towards the herculean task of reforming our country, Bharat.

Acharya Ji has undertaken the mammoth task of reviving our ancient Indian scriptures. Having exceptional oratory skills, he conducts thought-provoking discourses and engages the audience for hours together, transforming them into better human beings instantly.

Acharya Ji is the epitome of unconditional love and his works are evidence of his almighty generous spirit and utmost humble personality.

His devotion towards our nation has rekindled the feeling of patriotism among thousands of citizens across ages, religions, castes, etc. Acharya Ji is dedicated to mentoring our youth for creating a force of iron-willed individuals to lead our nation in the future.

He is our nation’s guiding light and continues to inspire millions of Indians to be courageous in the face of adversity.

Unbelievable. Unbeatable.

Master of Tantra Shastra which is enriching the life of thousands of Indians

3,200+ hours of live motivational teaching on Vedant annually

Multi-disciplined academic base engineering, finance, economics, medical science, and others

Living example of Advait Vedant philosophy

Sanyasta Yogi - our nation is the first priority for this divine duo

Profound astrologer who has rewritten the destiny of thousands of Indians

About Antar Yog Foundation

Antar Yog Foundation is a rapidly growing spiritual organisation working on the virtuous principle of ‘Jana Hitaya Swayam Mokshaya Cha’ (Welfare of all and liberation of the self), which drives us to serve you more and more

Thousands of seekers following the Antar Yog way of life have experienced permanent transformation and have completely resolved their problems of health, wealth and relationships

The rare spiritual organisation where you get to learn all four branches of Yog - Karma, Bhakti, Dnyan and Dhyan

Key Highlights of Antar Yog Foundation



The only organisation which selflessly conducts long-duration shibirs on the principle of Yathashakti dakshina. Here seekers offer Gurudakshina at the end of the shibir as per their true income capacity.



Thousands of seekers have been completely healed of incurable diseases like cancer, blood pressure, heart diseases, thyroid, diabetes, etc. and common ailments like frozen shoulder, cold, flu etc. during the powerful healing sessions conducted regularly.



Many of our shibirs, conducted online and offline, have been engaging the audience attending from across the world for 10+ hours daily, for 15+ days.



Decoding the timeless knowledge of ancient Indian scriptures to develop faith in scientific-minded persons and explain the science behind our scriptures to spiritual-minded persons.



Thousands of dedicated seekers from countries across the world are progressing in their spiritual journey, hence experiencing immense improvement in health, wealth, relationships and several aspects of their lives.




Spirituality is taught using interactive teaching techniques and relatable examples enabling seekers from all age groups to learn Vedant joyfully together in one classroom.

Our Vision

To restore the glory of our country, Bharat, as a healthy, wealthy, spiritual leader of the world

To re-establish the Gurukul system for developing legendary leaders with strong values and principles

To prevent brain drain and retain the best Indian talent by changing the perspective of the masses towards our motherland

To empower women with the knowledge of Vedant and transform them into self-reliant, independent and compassionate individuals

To create financially free individuals who are ready to strive and sacrifice towards a larger than life goal for our nation

To revive and spread our ancient holistic methods of healing and alternative medicine practises for a healthy and happy Bharat

To amplify the crop yield of every farmer of Bharat through yogic farming techniques

Latest Pearls of Wisdom by Acharya Upendra Ji

Treasure of powerful, priceless and life-transforming wisdom by Acharya Upendra Ji. Watch these videos to get easy solutions to your problems, instant results and experience eternal bliss yourself.

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Neeta Tai

Co-founder and the Pillar of Strength of Antar Yog

Neeta Tai

Sowing the seeds of spirituality deep within everyone, Neeta Tai, the wife and spiritual consort of Acharya Ji, who is also reverentially addressed as ‘Gurumaa’ is inspiring seekers to live a limitless life.

Under her mentorship, many women, young children and youth are living a spiritually enriched life and are motivated to contribute towards our nation’s progress.

Neeta Tai is building strong-minded women by empowering them with the wisdom of Vedant.

A genius in Ayurved and Yog Shastra, Neeta Tai heals many individuals with her unique abilities and completely transforms their lives. She plays a pivotal role in the growth of the Antar Yog movement.

Antar Yog Way of Life

Antar Yog Mahadaan


Serving thousands of deserving lives with 1 Lakh + kgs of groceries and necessities to meet each person’s needs for at least a month. Nine sections of our society - sanyasis, brahmans, children, orphans, specially-abled, married women, poor, senior citizens, and diseased are generously served regularly with unconditional love and oneness.



Divinity in collectivity! ‘Antar Yog Collective Sadhana Day’ is conducted with the objective to unite our nation for a higher cause, where thousands of seekers come together. It offers a wonderful opportunity to be in the auspicious presence of Acharya Ji. Yog, pranayam and knowledge from our scriptures like Gita, Upanishads, etc. are taught on this day by Acharya Ji.



As a fundamental duty, Antar Yog is serving hundreds of cows regularly with immense love and devotion. Regular Gau seva is a lifestyle of every Antar Yog seeker. It helps in cleansing the mind and developing a positive state of being. It also amplifies the positive influence of Shukra (Venus), which is important for your wealth creation.


Bridging the Gap between Science and Spirituality

Manjiri Deshpande  Scientist & Assistant Professor - Tokyo University
Manjiri Deshpande
Scientist & Assistant Professor - Tokyo University

Acharya Ji has imprinted on our minds that we take this human birth to fully realise our true potential and work only for a higher cause. He gives us the vision to expand our goals for the betterment of the world. Acharya Ji provokes us to contemplate deeply and completely changes our mindset. I realised the utmost importance of being guided by an enlightened master in life. His considerate nature ensures that all sessions are conducted repeatedly so that many like us who are in different time zone do not miss anything.

Dr. Ragini Mandlik  Gynaecologist, Nagpur
Dr. Ragini Mandlik
Gynaecologist, Nagpur

Since I started practising, I have witnessed that 20 years ago the percentage of teenage pregnancies was not as alarming as it is today. Acharya Ji introduces Brahmacharya (Celibacy) in almost every program and teaches it in its true sense to all age groups easily, how to practice and the ill effects of not practising it, which is essential to arrest the rise in this percentage and all the disturbing incidents happening in the country. Acharya Ji teaches Brahmacharya (Celibacy) scientifically which is not being taught anywhere and is a dire need of the hour.

Inspiring Tales of Self-Transformation

Mark Kenneth COO - Parkomate Solutions, Thane
Mark Kenneth
COO - Parkomate Solutions, Thane

My introduction to Antar Yog propelled my journey of self-learning and introspection. I learnt about the accurate interpretation of holy texts and the crux of life beyond the constraints of all religions under the grace of Acharya Ji. Acharya Ji's teachings help me to rise as a leader in any life situation instead of feeling victimised. I got the courage to venture from being an employee to an entrepreneur. It is truly a miracle to be guided by an enlightened master.

Professionals Embracing the Antar Yog Way of Life

Sushrut Nallulwar Director - Nestle Professional, Gurgaon
Sushrut Nallulwar
Director - Nestle Professional, Gurgaon

The spiritual knowledge that Acharya Ji has given has a strong relevance in my role as a business leader. The pandemic was one of the biggest crises for our business. The impact was significant and sudden. Despite the pandemic, Acharya Ji's teachings helped me a lot to keep myself and my team motivated and in a short time, the business got back strongly. Antar Yog's Shree Vidya can help you become an impactful and visionary business leader.

Prajakta Datar Television and Theatre Actress & Certified Yoga Trainer, Mumbai
Prajakta Datar
Television and Theatre Actress & Certified Yoga Trainer, Mumbai

The knowledge that we are receiving from Acharya Ji gives us a reality check and improves our overall integrity with purity. The knowledge of Brahmacharya that Acharya Ji teaches is extremely eye-opening and essential especially in the industry I belong. It has given me a sense of responsibility towards my thoughts and actions. The world that I live in Antar Yog is completely different from that of my regular material world. I will definitely refer a lot of friends from the film and television industry to join Antar Yog which will help them live beyond the world of materialistic fulfillment.

Building a Headstrong Future Generation

Sanskruti Nakhua 9th Grade Student, Mumbai
Sanskruti Nakhua
9th Grade Student, Mumbai

I encourage students to do Antar Yog's 'Saraswati Diksha' program because at this age I got a higher wisdom to excel in life. Along with academics, I have realised spiritual knowledge makes you a better person. With regular Sadhana, my concentration, memory and other creative skills have improved. Antar Yog's 'Saraswati Diksha' is a master key to improve your focus and happiness! Practical application of the Bhagavad Gita has now become a way of life. Such wisdom is a must for all children to make our Bharat powerful again.